Thanksgiving gathering

On Thanksgiving the Canada Club hosted a special dinner so we could take part in this important Canadian tradition even while living abroad.

The Thanksgiving gathering was held at Trivet Restaurant. Since the Canada Club convened at the restaurant last year, Trivet, led by Canadian chef Jonny Lake, was awarded a Michelin star and its sommelier Isa Bal received Michelin’s prestigious Sommelier Award 2022. Michelin’s entry for Trivet describes the excellent experience:

“The two owners of Trivet – both alumni of The Fat Duck – have pooled their extensive experience to create a restaurant that seems to just get everything right. Jonny Lake and his team in the open kitchen focus on producing fuss-free dishes using prime ingredients expertly prepared. The combinations of ingredients are perfectly balanced, flavours are assured and the execution is faultless. It’s a pleasure eating food of such clarity and confidence. The very personable Isa Bal deals with the wine and is equally hands-on in the restaurant. His wine list is thoughtfully curated and includes hitherto unexplored regions. The service team are confident but also very charming and really help make dining here such a pleasure.”

The Canada Club Thanksgiving Feast consisted of a special one night only menu created by Jonny by blending his memories of family Thanksgiving dinners with talents honed over an acclaimed culinary career.

Members who joined the Canada Club for Thanksgiving enjoyed:

• Canapes
• Wild Mushroom Risotto
• Roast turkey porchetta, mashed potato, brussel sprouts, maple glazed carrots, butter milk fantin, turkey sauce and cranberry Jelly (Veg option: Grilled celeriac with freekeh, dill with all trimmings)
• Pumpkin pie
• Gourmet butter tarts to take home

Isa selected the wine (including sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, and pudding wine) that were uniquely tailored for the Feast.

Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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